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About Me

About Me

Ana Fernandez

Versatility within different industries

Originally from Venezuela, Ana’s family moved to Canada when she was just 9 years old. At just 18, a chance job placement application gave her the opportunity to be mentored by two lovely ladies in the accounting department of a book publisher in Toronto. The year was 1974 and the posting machine she began her lessons on was taller than she was!

Over the years Ana has held accounting positions in a wide variety of industries such as automotive, banking, pharmaceuticals, and construction companies.

Incorporating all the technologies as they came along, Ana would eventually venture out as an independent bookkeeper. Shortly after the creation of the IPBC (now known as CPB Canada) she became a Certified Professional Bookkeeper and has participated as a board member as well as served on committees with the organization.

Ana spent many years in the frozen north of British Columbia, after moving there in 1980, but the warm call of Mexico always beckoned. Finally, in 2011, her children grown and starting their own lives, she had no reason to stick around so, after selling most of her possessions and packing up the rest, she moved to Mazatlan on the Pacific Coast.

Ana performs all bookkeeping and tax-related duties online for her Canadian clients. She also finds time to be a writer both with a personal blog, www.TheSoloSnowbird.com, as well as for one of Mazatlan’s top English language newspapers.  

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